Google spreadsheet add on for housing societies

Workflow - General

  1. After installation of addon you will see “Add-ons > Housing Society” menu in top menu bar. Click on Start
  2. Open setting page to update SMS service provider details, expenses head and number of apartments you have along with late fee amount.
  3. Click on Unit button to open Master sheet and update unit number, name of owner, contact number, previous year maintenance due, vehicle number etc.
  4. Click on bill maintenance button to send invoice to unit holders
  5. On receipt of payments, register it by clicking on Receipt button
  6. Click on Expenses button to register the expenses under respective heads.

Workflow - Reconciliation

You billed all your monthly maintenance due and recorded payment against it along with payment from various sources like guest house, community hall booking etc. Follow below steps to close your monthly account

  1. From bank statement sum all the interest received and using “Payment” page register it.
  2. From bank statement sum all the charges and using “Expenses” page register it.
  3. Click on Bank Statement page and fill all the columns by summarizing bank statement eg opening balance of month, total cash deposited, total check withdrawal etc. Closing balance column of this sheet should match with closing balance of statement.
  4. Open report page and generate Account report for your reference.
  5. From Report > Transaction report take sum of all payments received in Bank and verify it with bank statement summary
  6. From Report > Transaction report take sum of all cash receipts and also take sum of all cash expenses. Reconcile it with bank statement.
  7. Open Summary sheet (Home) and navigate to Audit Trail section to verify closing balances.
  8. If closing balance of bank statement and cash closing balance match you can generate income and expenditure report present in bottom of Summary page for selected month.